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The secret of the Tooth Fairy. Who knew that tooth fairies have a special way of communicating? Their story has never been told before, but today is the day! This is an interactive, fun, captivating, short story about how children who lose their teeth let their fairies' know when their tooth has fallen out. This is a story for children with disabilities and who are part of minorities. It's for the active fathers who deserve recognition. It's for the working parents that need some grace when it comes to the Tooth Fairy's festivities (she's a busy lady!). And last but not least, it's for fun. I hope you escape within the pages of this book while your (not-so) little one is all ears (and smiles!) about their new venture of losing their baby teeth and sprouting new adult ones.

The Bristle Whistle eBook

  • This is an .ePub file that is compatible with any e-reading application on your mobile device.

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